Imagine being your own boss. ( ßhighlight somehow)Never having to take garbage from anyone, or listen to stupid ideas when you know better. Imagine answering to your own schedule and working from anywhere in the world, anytime, whether it be a coffee shop across town or a completely different country. No more hectic work hours, only a few each week. Imagine going on vacation and coming back to find that you’ve made money from a residual income online, not only that... but it’s a lot of money. Well it’s not impossible, it’s what many ordinary people have been doing since the internet took off.  

The internet has 2 powerful abilities. Delivering the exact needs of a searcher immediately to what they want. And the ability to connect massive amounts of related traffic essentially overnight. With these 2 aspects at hand, success now belongs to the ambitions at heart and whoever knows how to use the internet to their advantage. 

So exactly how have people been taking advantage of the internet and making money online? Here are the top ways regular people have been changing their income and lifestyle with the internet. 


Facebook.  (after affiliate marketing) 

Among the top 3 websites in the world with 1.65 billion users (that’s ¼ of every person on the world), people are making money from Facebook. It’s common for someone to have hundreds or even thousands of friends. One message post can reach an audience of thousands, and for free. Facebook has an ability to not just advertise, but to connect with a related audience. Because you stay in their feed once friends the customer relationship doesn’t just end at advertising like other methods, but trust and a customer relationship is established over time. Along with a built in advertising platform, it’s no wonder people are making money from this huge consumer magnet. 

How exactly are people making money from Facebook? The first and most popular way is by getting leads and advertising a product or affiliate product on Facebook. Finding highly targeted customers is easy through fan pages, all the targeting is already done for you. (Here’s an example, give example then affiliate link to them) 

There are affiliate products that are highly targeted to a Facebook audience such as a pickup guide to changing a Facebook conversation into an actual date, getting lots of traffic to any Facebook page, or autobots that will build your Facebook page for you on autopilot. 

Other people are making money by promoting other people’s businesses on Facebook, or managing celebrities social media profiles.  



The 2nd most popular website in the world with over 4 billion videos being viewed every day. What’s unique about YouTube is that people are making 6-7 figure incomes from doing; pranks, comedy, video game commenting, video game walk-throughs, toy reviews, playing with toys, filming people’s reactions to things, showing people how to do make-up, along with everyday common things. Some of these people are still children (link here). A decade ago no one would ever believe that you could make $2.5 million from doing pranks on people and filming it on your camera. 

So how does a YouTube video convert to money? Through promoting a product that was created, a bought PLR (Private Label Rights) product, affiliate product, or CPA offer being an email signup or impression, membership fees, instructional videos, website access, ad space on videos, product sponsorships, and pretty much any form of internet marketing talked about on this page (see definitions list below). 

Once a large enough fan base is acquired, other YouTubers have gone into contracts with big name companies. Either for doing reviews for a product, mentioning a product, or just using it in their videos. The YouTuber usually contacts the company (but they can contact you if your video is popular enough), shows them their video/channel, set up their affiliate link, and the rest is history. 

YouTube has amazingly changed the way people make a living, but more so overthrown the traditional idea that common hobbies and once thought of as just shenanigans, are now serious and lucrative sources of income meant to be taken seriously. The playing field has just been leveled for the ordinary joe, see how in detail. 


Crafts and t-Shirts 

Gifted with a crafty side? Got a creative mind? What the typical artist and crafter lack in the business side of things, sites like and take care of that for them. Providing them with the selling ability from their site, tools, advice, and the proper consumers, crafters can now focus more on their calling. From making cards, decorations, jewelry, accessories, bags, purses, clothing, art, collectables, and all kinds of knick-knacks. 

T-shirts are a huge niche as there has been a boom of millionaire online t-shirt businesses. With just a creative mind someone can make some real money from this one, and without the business background, infrastructure, or employees. Sites like and allow a creative person to login, create a storefront (for free), customize their personal shirt design, and start selling their shirts. takes care of; producing the item, charging the customer, shipping the product, and handling the customer service, and you get a cheque every month. 


Creating products 

Others have made money by creating something of their own. The options are limitless; a software product, an e-book on workout exercises, math lessons for kids, or even cooking lessons through videos. The beauty about selling your own digital product is that all the shipping is taken care for you by setting up a digital checkout from PayPal or other means. Customers can come in to your site, purchase your product, download it, and you can make money literally in your sleep. (Here’s an example, give example then affiliate link to them) 

Refunds and customer service can be out-sourced to companies like or So if someone creates a popular product they can let that product sell from their website on autopilot and pretty much retire. 

If you don’t know how to program or write an e-book on piano lessons it isn’t a big deal, hire someone who does. Many product creators just hire other professionals from or where professionals who know their trade are looking for smaller gigs or money on the side. You can even get professional work for much cheaper since many staffing sites like these get their workers from other countries like the Philippines or India. 

Other product creators have taken the route of buying PLR (private label rights) products from other authors, editing it for their purposes and making it their own. 

Whichever way a product is created its important to first and foremost check to see if there’s a steady market that wants the product you’re going to create by doing market research first and centering your product on that. You don’t want to waste your time creating something that only trickles in a few bucks, you want to hit this one out of the park. 

After the product is created, set up a website, build your marketing funnel, a little bit of advertising and you’re set. Paid advertising through; media buys, affiliate networks, pay per click, pay per text, pay per view, banner ads, and solo ads all make your marketing campaign powerfully scale able, the sky is your limit. With the right marketing knowledge and the powerful reach of the internet, you can literally get millions of hits and thousands of customers in just a month. 


Work from home/Offering a service 

Maybe you’re looking for something you’re more used to or something within your trade. Either to pick up money on the side, or for the luxury of working from home there are specific sites just for services like; teaching, coaching, writing, making films, transcribing information, financial planning, baby sitting, programming, accounting, tax prep, book keeping, answering phones, customer service, tutoring, and many others that can be done online.  

Websites like CrowdSource, Demand Studios, Leap Force, and Liveops are sites that connect people who want to work from their computers at home, at their own schedule, with many different types of creative jobs. This is a perfect way of making money online for a stay at home parent who has children. 

The key in making the most money by offering your service online is to spread a wide net. Get your services listed to the specific sites like,, or and as many others as possible. Even classified websites like craigslist should be included. Once you have a wide net, picking from a larger list of options allows you to choose higher paid or easier job offers. 


Reviewer/Taking surveys 

Money can be made from doing reviews. Reviews over a local restaurant on yelp, software, e-book, or even physical product reviews. You’re probably questioning if that’s a serious job? I’d like to mention that there’s a 9 year old (EvanTubeHD) on YouTube who does toy reviews raking in 1.3 million dollars annually.  

Companies and websites are willing to pay for a testimonial review because in many countries posting a fake testimonial online is illegal. In many cases they will ship you the product if it is physical or allow you to download it for free if not and you get to keep it. 

It helps to have a lot of followers on social media, get a lot of hits on your website, or if your website has a niche specific to the product you are reviewing. Then it comes down to contacting a company that you want to do a review for. In this case calling them by phone is better than email as businesses will take it more seriously. They’ll ask to see your website, profile, other reviews if you have any, and if they like what they see you’re in.  

Websites are willing to pay people for their honest opinions in a survey. Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, GlobalTestMarket, E-Poll Surveys, and Survey Club will pay you to take surveys. These sites are good for some extra cash. It’s best to sign-up to multiple sites if you want to make more money from taking surveys online. 


Buying and selling stuff 

On a smaller scale you can start selling personal stuff on eBay or on craigslist. It’s important to take good pictures and give a full description. But this is just the beginning. 

Good at getting at deal? You can get into amazon flipping. This is where you buy things online, in retails store, thrift store, or even manufactures then sell them on amazon. It’s important to have the right apps on your phone that can scan an items bar code and compare the price to what other people are selling them. This will give you an idea of what a good price to pay, but you also need to learn what’s in demand by the market. Without a demand, you could be holding onto some items for years. The proper Amazon keyword tools can give you the right data as to what’s in demand. 

If you find a good deal in the clearance bin or in a thrift store, you can try getting more of the same product by calling the manufacturer. 

Bundling items together as a package deal is also a great way to flip inventory, but it needs to be done properly.  

Virtual Drop-Shipping. Some people don’t even deal with an inventory. They’ll find a good deal on eBay, then post an ad on Amazon (or vice versa) for the same item but a few dollars more or claim a charge for shipping. When another customer purchases the item that they posted, they’ll collect the difference and input the customers shipping address so that the original item get shipped straight to them. 

Drop-Shipping. Perhaps you contacted a manufacturer that’s willing to give you a good deal on a hot item you sold. To step things up from there, you can get your eBay store involved with a drop-ship business like Doba who will take care of all the shipping for you. Take note that some drop-ship businesses like Doba have a catalog of their own products that you can sell in your store, so sourcing a product to sell is no longer an issue. The entire inventory is kept in their warehouse, where they take care of the shipping for you, you just have to make the sales on your sites and collect the paycheques. 

Another way to avoid keeping any inventory is to buy large quantities of product and ship them to amazon. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) will take care of shipping them for you after a sale is made. They take some of the sale, but shipping and storage is taken care of. Great customer service is important whenever dealing with amazon or eBay, as people will write reviews that affect your potential sales. 


Craigslist and other classifieds 

This one involves a website where monetization (transforming traffic to money) has been established, service, product, or business. Where advertising through search engine optimization is free but takes time to get traffic, and paid traffic is instant but cost money, Craigslist and other classified sites have the best of both worlds. Craigslist has the ability to get a lot of qualified traffic and at no cost to your site, blog, or ad if you are selling something. The catch is that you need to know how to create these ads in such a way that won’t be taken down. There are rules that Craigslist follows where they don’t allow links in your ads or flyer style ads as well as many others, rules that make it harder for advertisers to post ads. However if you are savvy and know how to get around these rules, the free advertising potential of Craigslist and other classified sites can be fully unleashed, getting you a ton of traffic, making you lots of money. 


Affiliate Marketing (put before craigslist and Facebook

Affiliate marketing is where you help a business sell their products. It can be a physical product or a digital one such as an e-Book.  This is done by placing an affiliate link on your website, blog, social media page, email newsletter, classified ad, or anywhere you can put up a link. After a visitor goes through that link and purchases a product from the business website, the visitor’s origin is tracked back to your account through your affiliate link and you get a commission of the sale or a set price.  

There are 3 great things about affiliate marketing. One is that it’s free, there is no start-up or overhead cost. The second is that it’s automatic, your blog or website does all the work for you while you sleep once setup (this also means residual income).  Third is that you don’t need to have your own product to sell or any creativity/ability to write an eBook on cooking or program software. That time consuming and knowledgeable part of making something to sell has been taken care of for you. All you do is help sell the product and get a good commission from doing it. 

Affiliates (people who help advertise a product) are connected to merchants (businesses with a product to sell) through an affiliate network such as; Clickbank, Jvzoo, Adworkmedia, and many others. Sign-up is always free.  

Products range from; games, French lessons, self-help books, music lessons, to anti-virus software, the list is endless. Businesses range from fortune 500 companies to small independent owners. 

The commission you get can range anywhere from 1% to 100% (the business benefits from the up sale and customers email, so many are willing to give you 100% commission) of the product sold. 

One form of affiliate marketing is cost per action (CPA). This is where big name companies give you a set rate (usually $1.50-$10 for a simple email sign-up) if you can get a visitor to take a specific action being; a click, an impression, email signup, form submit, registration, newsletter sign-up, etc. The advantage of this form of CPA marketing is that a visitor on your site is more likely to give you their email because it cost them nothing, than to take out their wallet and purchase something from a website. 

Affiliate marketing can be done through Search engine optimization (ranking on google), Facebook, twitter,  YouTube, pay per click, pay per text, pay per view, banner ads, media ads, mobile traffic, viral traffic, email, traffic exchanges, the avenues are endless. This makes the potential to make money just as huge and endless.  


Blogging (needs to be after affiliate marketing) 

If you are good at a hobby such as knitting or playing the saxophone and want to share that passion with the world, why not start a blog? After all there are many bloggers out there making a living out of it.  

Traffic comes in from search engines such as google and Bing, but also the blogging networks themselves such as; Tumblr, Quora, Medium, and Blogger. These platforms allow someone without any programming skills or even a website to create articles with videos and pictures of what they are passionate about easily. 

So how does a blog make money? Through monetization. You’ve seen banner ads or pop-ups on a webpage you’ve visited, that’s how. A product can be sold through your blog either physical or digital (you would have to create the product and set up a sales page and shopping cart). Or the blog could have affiliate products on the page which we talked about earlier. It could also lead to a CPA offer that pays based on an email sign-up or even an impression. You could even have a combination of the many forms of monetization. 

The important part of monetizing your blog is to have offers that are related to your blog. Someone willing to buy a basketball isn’t that likely to be on a fashion blog but someone willing to buy lipstick is. The other factor is traffic, the more traffic the more money (remember that you can earn money from a blog through a banner ad that leads to a commission sale as well as through the visitors impression even if they don’t buy anything). 

Search engines will read the articles on your blog and over time each one will be valued more to the search engine on various keywords. This means that when a person types “red dresses” into the search engine and your blog is about red dresses, it may appear on the 10th page of google. But over time as the search engines value your blog, it can appear on the 1st page in the 5th position. There are other factors, but the entire process of getting your blog ranked higher by the search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) 

The advantage about blogging is that if you are passionate about something, once you master the SEO part, it is easy to gain followers to a blog if the passion and knowledge shows in your writing. Hobbyist and fans are looking for an authority figure and community of like-minded people. 


Website Creation (should you mention what websites do with their email? It may deter them from signing up) 

Creating a website on a particular topic is another great way of making money online. It involves getting hosting, a URL address, and some website development software or using an online website builder such as Wix or Weebly. Hosting is about $10 a month and even less, and buying a domain name is about $10 a year. A website builder ranges from free to under $150/one-time payment. Most website builders are very intuitive to start using and will have well defined instructional videos on everything. If there ever is a question on how to do something you can always email them and they’ll get right back to you. There’s also google and YouTube for instant answers. 

Once your website is in place you would have to get traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimization, paid traffic, social media, or other ways. Search Engine Optimization is getting your site ranked on the search engines for a particular keyword so that it’s seen by viewers when they do a search using that keyword. SEO is free but time consuming, however it can be hired out to professionals on freelancer or Virtualemployee. Paid traffic is instant and very scalable, but is a skill on its own as you need to keep an eye on tracking and conversion statistics. Social media like Facebook is both free and paid and can generate lots of traffic very quickly.  

There are many ways a website can make money for you. There are the usual; selling a product, affiliate marketing, CPA offers. The product being advertised needs to be related to the website as this will lead to greater conversions and sales. Other forms of monetization are; membership and continuity programs and sections, exclusive videos and content in your site, selling ad space (the banners you see on sites), selling sponsorships (products and specific company ads), as well as many others.  

Almost every website will try to get your email address at some point (at least the ones serious about making money). This is because email marketing is a big form of making money online. You’ll see on websites how deliberate they are in getting your email through a sign-up box or a pop-up window when you try to leave. This is because the email list they are building can be marketed to after a visitor leaves, repeatedly, and for free. Many sites will offer you incentives such as free content, or even physical products shipped to your house (then they also get your mailing address so they can mail you more offers) just for your email.  

Once they have an email list, all forms of internet marketing we’ve talked about can be done through just sending an email. From their perspective they get an autoresponder (a host that sends out emails for them automatically in a specific sequence, at specific intervals, over the course of a month/several years). Then they write the emails. After which they lay back and all the work is done for them for the rest of eternity. The website generates sales and email submits for them, the email newsletter people sign up for generates more back-end sales and up-sales. All of which they can be laid back on a beach in an exotic country sipping margaritas. From your perspective once you’ve given them your email, it looks like they write custom and personalized emails to you every 2-3 days for the rest of the year (every random one will usually sell something). It’s really not as much work as it appears to be on their end. 

Website creation is similar to blogging, the difference is that you don’t get the traffic from blogging networks (a small disadvantage) but you do get total control over your site without the restrictions of a blog on a blogging network. With a website you can make it as big as you want, and monetize it as much and in any form you want to. Popular websites can later on be sold to a buyer for a lot of money. 


Forex Trading 

The foreign exchange market (Forex/fx) is trading in the currency of other countries. Forex trading in other words is the value in one countries currency in relation to another. Daily changes in currency are generally small, making the foreign exchange one of the more predictable financial markets around. In the past, forex trading used to be only for hedge funds, big banks, large financial institutions, corporations, or the ultra-rich. Today the internet has made forex trading available to everyone through online brokerage accounts.  

Where there is a lot of leverage that can be used to your advantage if you know what you are doing, the key is that you need to educate yourself on forex trading in order to make money. However there are programs out there written by top programmers knowledgeable in forex trading that will help the average person get started.  


Winning Money/Extreme Couponing  

This one isn’t about making money, but it is about getting money. After all that’s the goal of making money right, having it at your disposal to spend. 

Ever seen a news report or newspaper article featuring someone who quit their job and enters contests and sweepstakes full time? Where it might be risky and unadvisable to do this, it is very possible to win money and prizes by entering contests online.  

Why are companies willing to give away money and prizes? A %1 increase in net sales for a big name company can be worth millions of dollars, that’s just a %1 increase. Any growth in net sales is based off of a refinement in their marketing strategy. A better marketing strategy is based off of weighable data. This is where customer reviews, surveys, and sign-ups come in. In order for a company to get this time consuming data from the average consumer they need to bribe them with something… giving stuff and money prizes. Companies gain in optimized products, better marketing funnels, and further marketing intelligence in both long-term sales and leverage over their competitors. Also remember that the prizes they give away usually cost them a fraction to make than what you’d pay for it and can be a tax write-off. Just as the saying goes, “wisdom comes before money”, wisdom for any marketing strategy comes in the form of customer input. 


There are multiple reality TV shows on Extreme Couponing, so we know it’s legit. Where people walk out of stores with 1000’s of dollars of merchandise and paid nothing. What many people don’t know is that coupons have moved into the internet nowadays, and many are coupons that can’t be found anywhere else. This is because companies want to test their online campaigns and websites, and you can’t test an online campaign from a walk-in customer.  

Before giving away the online coupons, companies will usually ask visitors to fill out a survey or submit an email. In the past, it would take a team of people to review 1000’s of forms customers submitted. Today the online form review process is so much easier for companies, as it is done by program and completely automated. With the savings on paper printing, distribution, and tallying the results, more and more companies are moving towards online coupons and product give-aways. 


Domain Name Flipping 

Domain name flipping is about buying a domain name and selling it to another buyer for more profit.  

The Domain name is the address a website is located on the internet. It is the equivalent a house address has in relation to a city. It’s how people find you or a business on the internet.   

Domain names are valued by website owners for many reasons. If it has keywords contained in the domain name that match what that website is about e.g. ( for a website that sell red colored shoes) not only does it; convey authority to a customer, gives a website credibility, makes it easier for customers to remember and come back to in the future, create branding, it also helps in SEO ranking. When a keyword being targeted is in the domain name it is called, “Exact Match Domains” or EMD’s for short. Non-EMDs like for a lawyers firm are hard to read, hard to remember, and come off as spammy losing credibility in a viewer’s perspective. This is why the right domain name has value to a business. 

Where some domains are bought for $4000 and then sold for $26000, this is not always the case. Domain name flipping needs to be backed up with the right education as it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many people looking to make a quick buck buy a handful of domains and end up sitting on them for years before ever being sold, losing out on the time invested, and not selling other domains ever. The successful domain name flippers do proper research, and know when to buy and sell domains at the right time. The proper training is important just like all ways of making money in life, but domain name flipping has proven for some to be very profitable.